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You must choose to focus on 1 or more dimensions of wellness. Please choose all dimensions below that you'd like to focus on.
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Emotional Wellness

The degree to which one feels positive and enthusiastic about oneself and life. Goals involving this dimension might include activities to reduce stress such as meditation.

Financial Wellness

Involves various aspects of financial wellness. Goals in this category may revolve around college saving, retirement, and personal budgets.

Intellectual Wellness

Revolves around creativity and learning through stimulating mental activities. Goals involving this dimension might include teaching and education, such learning a new hobby.

Occupational Wellness

Revolves around your attitude toward as well as being satisfied and enriched by your work/work environment. Goals involving this dimension might include working better with co-workers or taking a class to enhance work related skills.

Physical Wellness

Revolves around the need for physical exercise, proper nutrition, and avoiding harmful substances or habits. Goals involving this dimension might include exercising 3 times per week, losing weight, or quitting smoking.

Social Wellness

Involves contributing to one's environment and community by being involved with things outside of yourself. Goals involving this dimension might include joining a civic group or volunteering for an environmental clean up day.

Spiritual Wellness

Recognizes our search for meaning and purpose as human beings. This dimension can mean very different things to different people from more traditional forms of spiritual practice such as attending houses of worship to eastern forms of spiritual practice. Goals involving this dimension might include attending church services every week to reading books that help you on your spiritual path.

 Emotional Wellness
 Financial Wellness
 Intellectual Wellness
 Occupational Wellness
 Physical Wellness
 Social Wellness
 Spiritual Wellness

You must choose 1 or more activities related to wellness. Please choose all activities below that you are interested in.
 Baton Twirling
 Cardio Machines
 Children's Games
 Circuit Training
 Cross Country Skiing
 Downhill Skiing
 Hacky Sack
 Hang Gliding
 Home Repair
 Horseback Riding
 Horseshoe Pitching
 Ice Skating
 Inline Skating
 Jai Alai
 Lawn Bowling
 Martial Arts
 Motor Cross
 Mountain Biking
 Mountain Climbing
 Qi Gong
 Rock Climbing
 Roller Skating
 Rope Jumping
 Scuba Diving
 Ski Jumping
 Sky Diving
 Stationary Bike
 Table Tennis
 Tai Chi
 Track & Field
 Trap & Skeet
 Water Aerobics
 Water Jogging
 Water Polo
 Water Skiing
 Weight Training
 Whitewater Rafting